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Cooking Tips – Cooking Contests

The ultimate rage on television nowadays is the cooking contest. You have surely seen at least one show where two teams battle against each other in skills, creativity, imagination and, of course, cooking talent. Such cooking contests mainly want to show how fun cooking can be and what a blast team mates can have on the “battlefield”.

For us, the audience, the beginning of the competition is thought to be the beginning of the TV show. The reality of the matter is, the competition begins long before, when contestants are given the budget from which they need to purchase all the food products they need for the competition. All cooking contests provide a limited budget, from which teams have to buy vegetables, fruits, spices, poultry, meats, fish sauces and everything else they need in order to prepare the best dish.

After purchasing all the ingredients, they head back into the studio and the cooking contests can commence. Once the show begins, all the fun and excitement is transmitted to audiences everywhere. Usually, cooking contests are an opportunity for people to get acquainted with famous chefs that quickly conquer them with their wit, sense of humor and charm. Next, the fun continues as these chefs do their best to get the teams to work as efficient groups of chefs.

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Cooking Tips and Tricks – Fruit and Vegetables – Part I

From new cooks to master chefs every one wants to learn hints that will maximize the flavor or your recipes as well as save money by keeping the items you purchase fresh for longer. If you have ever slaved over one your favorite recipes and were disappointed by the results, you might have been wondering what I missed. When you’re preparing a recipe following the ingredients and instructions seems self explanatory, so why it doesn’t meat expectations sometimes doesn’t make any sense to us. It is possible that maybe you just did not know some useful cooking tips that could maximize the quality and taste of your favorite cuisine. 

Cooking vegetables is one of the easiest recipes to prepare in the kitchen, but if you do not know the tips and tricks to dealing with vegetables  you can end up with vegetables that are bitter tasting have lost their nutritional value or lack the crispness or appearance that you desire. Produce is one of the more expensive items on our shopping lists, which is why it is beyond frustrating when you go shopping on Saturday and by Wednesday you reach into your refrigerator only to find that your vegetables have wilted beyond repair or lost its crispness and nutritional value. With these kitchen tips and tricks on vegetables hopefully you will get the most out of your recipes by creating mouth watering recipes and cuisines you will also get the most for your money by maximizing the life of the fruit and vegetables that you purchase. These easy to use and follow tips will pay off dividends in money saving and flavor.

-Line your crisper drawer in the refrigerator with paper towels to absorb the condensation that can cause vegetables to wilt. Change out paper towels frequently.

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Chinese Cooking With a Wok – Mum’s Cooking Secrets That Last a Lifetime

My mother was of the idea that a man’s place was never in the kitchen, and this was ingrained into us as she shooed us out of the kitchen every time whenever we tried to get into the kitchen to see what was cooking. It might not have been the best or correct thing to do, and as a result, her children -the sons, including me, grew up not knowing how to cook until we were college going kids and had to live away from home and to start to cook and fend for ourselves.

Disadvantaged as we were in cooking for ourselves, it made us more aware of the beauty in mum’s cooking. Mum’s prepared food that was absolutely marvellous, both in taste and smell. Meals prepared by her were never ordinary. They were a delight to behold, a pleasure to consume – no matter how simple the dish was.

Now in her twilight years, mum can no longer cook for herself. She has bouts of amnesia, and old age has taken a severe toil on her. Dependent on others to cook and serve her meals, she can sometimes struggle to the kitchen and still manage to prepare a ten minute fast cooking instant noodle, much to our chagrin and anxiety. The doctor orders were not to let her near a stove for fear of a fit or a fall, lest she burn the house down.

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Microwave Cooking Tips – Cooking Microwave Meat

As a busy individual, the least that you would focus your spare time to is cooking your meal. Going through drive-through fast foods will not usually equal the home-made cooking that you can get. If only you have sufficient time to attend to the busy preparations in cooking. As you know, cooking meat can be a really taxing work especially if you lack adequate time for this thing. So what is the microwave doing? Don’t just let your microwave oven sulk in one corner of your kitchen. Make use of it and cook your meat!

Cooking meat in the microwave oven? This can be a big NO for most people. They will oppose to this idea, so to speak. Their reason will usually be the same as their usual claims that the chicken meat can eventually end up feeling like a rubber and that the ground beef will not be entirely cooked. But these things can be a myth after all! Why so? Because if only you know of the microwave cooking tips for meats, you will not say the same thing. The secret i know the right types of cooking utensils to be utilized!

There are clamors against the use of plastic materials in cooking food inside the microwave. Yes, there are those unsafe plastic utensils which may be harmful for the meat that you cook. It is because some of the plastic containers include certain chemicals in their overall make-up which get triggered due to a high rate of heat in the surroundings. In turn, these chemicals will get mixed up with the food inside the microwave oven. Again, as emphasized earlier, one of the effective microwave cooking tips for meat is to employ only the proper utensil. There are basically containers which are obviously designed for microwave cooking.

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